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To be brutally honest, when we first moved from our VW van to a 6 berth motorhome, we used to call out "chips anyone" when we saw a smaller van. Then we saw an A class and thought perhaps we were being a tad immature :) with our chip van call :)
We drive an A class now, but there is always something bigger and better on the road and we like to think we have matured now. Maybe :)
We've also had various vans, last one was a new tag axle as we were full-timing. Are now back in a 'chip van' ? but still the same people.


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We were driving around Le Touquet a few years ago trying to find the Aires (basically, we were lost) and waved at a Motorhome coming the opposite way.

Eventually we found the Aire and a few minutes later the Motorhome we'd waved at turned up and parked nearby.

We got chatting, he'd been lost as well, and eventually shared a couple of bottles of wine with the Polish driver and his wife.

I've waved willy-nilly at anything that looked like a Motorhome since then.

Relax, you're on holiday.



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We always try to wave, sometimes forget at the beginning of a journey after driving the car, but soon someone waves and it reminds us!
Nice to be friendly, does not cost anything to put a smile on someones face even if its not always returned.


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ok, so this is just a little thread to answer a discussion that my Wife and I are having, so any biker knows about the "bikers nod" a little nod of the head to say hellow to a fellow biker on there way past, so over the last weekend while we were away I decided to wave at fellow campervan and motorhome drivers, trying to put a little smile on someones face, even if for a few seconds.

back to the discussion from my Wife and I, as I was waving at other drivers, I suddenly gets a swift slap on the arm, and a sound of discussed saying, "waving at other drivers justr isnt done, you are not on a bike now!"

now me being the stubborn person I am, this just made me do it more ?

so the question to you lovely people is, is waving at other campervan/motorhome drivers a done thing, or is it as my Wife says, "Not the done thing"?
I have a VW T4 and nearly everyone with a T4 waves, so I do too. Sometimes the T5 owners wave but not many, the larger motorhomes don't waive at me .....I think the old saying "Birds of a feather flock together" is the rule of thumb. Do caravaners waive at motorhomers and vice versa ?

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