Annie’s big European adventure


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Great to see pictures of Brugge again. Did you get to walk along the canal in the city to Coupure, the little branch of the canal where the barges Moor?....that was once our home for three winters. And the tiny little pub ‘de Garre’ hidden up a little alley just off the Markt
... strongest beer in Brugge, one’s good, two’s great, three’s a headache!


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Thought it was Port that caused Gout, not Voddy?


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Today was an exiting day firstly the drive up from Ghent to Delft straight forward you may think Ian in the lead with me following then Colin then Edd with John bringing up the rear all was going so well even overtaking artics on the motorway but overconfidence can lead to mishaps as we were going along a motorway an artic got between me and the lead vehicle up came the junction but it was a little confusing as I couldn’t quite see Ian’s van but I just saw the edge of it with the right indicator on so I stuck mine on ready to take the junction saw the white van pull off so I followed it only took a matter of seconds for me to notice that Ian did not have a refrigeratoration unit on his roof and certainly didn’t have foreign number plates I then looked in my mirror and yes the rest of the convoy despite what their satnav said followed me down the slip road ???? with a bit of jiggling Colin lead the rest of the route to the campsite ??? moral of this tale not all white vans are the same ??

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