Dash cam nextbase 312 gw


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Hi all, I am looking at one of these dash cams, does anybody have one ?
I need something that is easy to set up without the use of a computer to change the settings, something that’s reliable and easy to use, thanks andy


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I have it on the grapevine that on my birthday later this month I may be given a 412GW camera to replace my Mobius Dashcam.

I will report back, if I get one, how easy or difficult the set-up is.

The cameras do have good reviews and the picture quality is decent.



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Have had Nextbase 412, then a 512 and now a Blackvue DR 900.

All easy to set up although Blackvue is a bit of a pain at first because you set it up via app on phone/notepad.
Once set up they all do much the same, although vid quality is far better on Blackvue.


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We bought one two weeks ago for the van and well pleased.
We also have a Nextbase 512 in the car. No trouble at all.

The one we bought last week is a version 2 and is easier to setup than the earlier version 1 512.

Its a shame you were not looking two weeks ago. Aldi stores had them for £20 less than you pay at Halfords.
You never know though, pop into any Aldi you come across as they may still have stock.


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I have the Nextbase 512GW and it’s excellent plus easy to use. It can store a low res and hi res footage. The latter needs a mini HDMI to HDMI cable to play on your TV. Cable is around £8 on Amazon.


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If you go for a Nextbase make sure you set the screen up to go to sleep after a couple of minutes. If you don't, it will shorten the battery life and they are a bit fiddly to change without a soldering iron.

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I have the 312, in fact two, one in the van one in the car, it’s fine and cheapish. Nextbase are quite good to deal with and sent me a free card when one seemed to be faulty.

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