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Diesel night heaters

Is normal heating oil not just red diesel? Don’t know how common it is but I know some garages sell it, one step daughter worked at in Hull certainly does
As far as I know, 'red diesel' is virtually the same as normal road diesel except with an additive added that colours it to distinguish it, and sold without the 60p odd fuel tax added on.
Kerosene is a different formulation of oil that is cleaner burning than normal diesel (red or otherwise).

I said Kerosene is 60p/litre. That is how much I pay as I buy in bulk for house heating. I have no doubt small quantities (say 20L) will be more per litre. Paraffin is virtually the same as Kerosene and probably more accessible in small quantities.
Red diesel and Kerosene are also subject to reduced VAT compared to Road Diesel - 5% vs. 20%. I would guess Paraffin would be 5% VAT as well but don't know for sure.

In terms of best fuel for these heaters, the recommended order where you have a choice is:
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Update on the firm ACLS who were mentioned earlier in the thread. I contacted them when I saw his thread some weeks ago and arranged for them to come on 5th December. When nobody had turned up by 10.30 I rang. The person at the other end said my name was in the book for the 6th not the 5th. I gave them the benefit of the doubt as I had would not have booked for the 6th as I had a prior appointment. However they said the technician would ring last night to give a time to come today. They did not ring. When I rang this morning I was told the technician was already out but he would give me a ring to say when he was coming. Its now 5pm and no further contact. If that is their customer services I think I will do without a heater from them. The Chinese heaters are notoriously unreliable and it looks like ACLS are too.