Engine re-mapping

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I have also fitted the plug in box on 2.3 ( 130 hp ) Ducatto. 0-9 choices on it but kept it at 3 so no more horsepower but a little more torque.
8% better mpg no big deal but much easier drive . I do know in might put a bit more strain on clutch but I try to keep strain down to a min.
Do not do loads of miles so hopping the clutch lasts and think it will as I have kept the power increase to a min.
Yes it a risk but in my opinion one worth taking as the driving experience improvement is worth it.


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I have had 44 ton trucks mapped american pick up plus all my cars mapped and camper vw crafter which always runs at or close to 3500kg it was also designed to tow 2 tonnes making 5 ton+ so should be some margin for clutch design somewhere


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I have a heavy 2004 Bessacarr on X244 chassis.
I had a remap to 140bhp and because of the very high top gear (27 mph/100 rpm) managed to shear the dog teeth twice!
The first time the dealer I bought the van from paid out, unfortunately the second time was outside the gearbox warranty.
I took the opportunity to put in a lower ratio and this seems to have helped as the van is now much more tractable sitting at 50mph illegal maximum on single c'way for HGV) at 2000rpm.
So torque increase is the figure to watch. When Fiat upped the power if JTD engine to 140bhp they kept torque down to 300Nm.


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Ive had 3 of my vans done over the years, all ford transits and can recomend Vantuner of Ruislip
Vantuner mapped out the EGR on our transit last year. It runs better than it ever did - and passed the new MOT without problem. As the tester said “you have an EGR fitted , I don’t know if it is working...”.
Would recommend him. He even has a licenced Ford diagnostic system and knows how to use it. More than you can say for many Ford dealerships.


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Tell you what how do you get a de map cos ma vans a rocket think I could loss 30hp I’ve got to put extra weight in it to hold it back 2.3 180 auto things nearly five tone and Fly’s along great on fuel for its size pass everything Lamborghinis Ferrari’s . Is it morning yet what a dream I just had wow??


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I know what a dream that was.? Think the re map things ok if done properly I had a 3.0 fiat mapped when I got it so dident have the comparison to it before it was done only thing I found too much power from a standing start and a fair bit of wheel spin so terrible on a hill or on grass felt if it was a bit overpowered and defanetly not good for front wheel drives with loads of spin defanetly not good on a clutch.


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Hi, new member with first post.
I have been following the thread re engine re-mapping and wonder if anyone has experience of this with the Ducato comfort-magic gearbox
I have a Benimar Mileo 301 overcab on ducato 150 muiltijet which is well within load limits but struggle sometimes on hills and wonder if re-mapping would help. I am concerned with some of the comments re clutch burn out.

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