Here is a question for you, location related.


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Ere Runny, I thought it was the White Sands of Morar. Last time I was there, was when I was a Yoof on a Yoof hostel holiday done by the school. I can remember being amazed by the stunning beauty of the place, and the excitement of scrambling off the rocks onto a fishing boat to be ferried to the Kyle of Lochalsh.......ahh memories, thank you.:)

I'm dyslexic.

I remember the boat crossing myself, while the bridge is certainly handy, it does spoil the view!!


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If you could just jump in your Motorhome right now and go anywhere for a few days where would you go?

I quite fancy going here right now: See ye their way a big BB.

View attachment 41296

The view was pretty good:

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I can almost breathe in the fresh air.

Being able to live at a location like this for a day is what being a Motorhomer is for me.
Thanks Alf.

I thought we'd been there a while back and sure enough found the photo below (2015 as it turns out) but it was taken without geotagging or notes so for the life of me I couldn't remember where it was.

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Three lakes nature park, forestry commission aire is truly amazing!!! 😀

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