Hereford Bank Holiday Meet update


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Under the present situation, I would like to clarify a few things.

We have received information that the River Festival has been postponed until September.

As far as VE Day Celebrations are concerned we haven't heard of anything but presume it will be much lower key or possibly cancelled.

Regarding our meet we have no plans to cancel but if anyone wishes to cancel they will receive a full refund. We will obviously follow the guidelines in place at the time but it is still several weeks away.

I hope this helps everyone and answers any questions you may have.

We are all living in troubled times and although our meets are important, there are much bigger problems out there at the moment.


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Thanks Lee. If the decision isn't taken out of our hands by government edicts I think everyone has to make sensible decisions based on their own circumstances. We also have to remember many of the forums members are mature or have underlying health issues; perhaps better a later meet than a poorly one.


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Hi Lee, thanks for the update. Diana and I are currently on lockdown. we've done the 7 days Social Distancing and reckon that as long as I can get the essentials from the shops we have enough in the cupboards and freezer to last for 3 weeks.
We are both in the high risk category and feel that we may have to cancel - but we don't want to!
The offer of the full refund is very much accepted but would be willing for the funds to be heldover to the next Hereford meet
or a credit note to be issued. We also understand if this is not possible. Stay safe in these troubled times.