Hereford Early May Bank Holiday Rally 2nd - 7th May 2019

Hereford Early May Bank Holiday Rally 2nd - 7th May 2019
Posted by Lee
Hereford Rowing Club
Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 01:00 PM
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The attendance list

  1. Lee and Linda
  2. Ray
  3. RugbyKen
  4. Phil
  5. Cronkle
  6. Moonshadow
  7. Saxonborg
  8. Minisorella
  9. Campervanannie
  10. Yorkslass
  11. Billieblue
  12. Streetsleeper
  13. Newfpark
  14. Exwindsurfer
  15. Haaamster
  16. Ian1950
  17. Niki
  18. Oppy
  19. Pilseyavondale
  20. Kyran
  21. Alwaysared
  22. Peter51
  23. nabsim
  24. Ellendale
  25. LANDS43
  26. bobuk
  27. Marymary
  28. Caz
  29. Allen
  30. St3v3
Can you pencil us in please. (Depends if 'the stones' have been dealt with)
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The superior beings have instructed me that if I want a peaceful life that I put my name down for this thanks.
A very wise man best do as instructed.


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Hereford Rowing Club Rally.
2nd - 7th May 2019

There is a charge of £8 per van per night

The site has hot showers, toilets, waste points and fresh water taps. The Rowing Club Bar is available to us, providing there is not a function being held there.

We have a large communal fire to which everyone is welcome. If you wish to have personal fires or bbq's these must be kept off the ground.
Dogs are welcome but must be kept under control at all times and cleaned up after them.

Hereford is a lovely city within walking distance of the Rowing Club with a good selection of shops, pubs and restaurants. The Cathedral is home to the Mappa Mundi and is well worth a visit.

The Hereford River Carnival takes place over this weekend with activities in, on, beside the river and around the city.
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