Hereford Rowing Club - 15th October - 20th October

Hereford Rowing Club - 15th October - 20th October
Posted by Geeky Philip
Hereford Rowing Club
Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Europe/London

Start: Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 12:00 PM
End: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 01:00 PM


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May be useful to some of you who want to explore the area.
I see the map, and it has letters around Hereford, but what do the letters mean? Clicking just gives a street address.


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Hi Phil.
Can you take us off the list for Hereford. It doesn’t look like we will be able to make it and it’ll give someone on the reserve list a chance to attend the meet.
Cheers Jeff and Chris.


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Sorry to say that we are now no longer able to come to this rally.
We hope to join you again in 2021.
Bev (Ramblefrog) and Alex


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Hi Phil...Chris here.
I thought we had ordered food but can’t see that request here. Could you put us down for both nights.

Cheers Chris x
I thought I had asked for food too :unsure:
I've been through the thread three times and can't see that I have so yes please food for two on both nights (y)



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Hereford Rowing Club - 15th October - 20th October

I am trying to book up as many camps as possible to give our members a chance to get out in their vans. At this point in time, this is the last camp of the year.

On Friday evening the Rowing Club will be offering a baked potatoes meal with various topping priced at £6 per head.
On Saturday evening the Rowing Club will be offering a curry meal with a couple of different curries with rice, chips or nan bread priced at £7 per head.

Breakfasts will be available on Saturday and Sunday morning in the bar.

Please let me know if you would like the food as it must be pre-booked.

The Venue
Hereford Rowing Club
37 Greyfriars Avenue

The coordinates are 52.051847,-2.722726


Hereford is a lovely old market town with lots of bars, pubs and restaurants, so there'll be plenty to do.

Dates and Prices

The event will run for 5 nights, from midday on Thursday 15th October 2020 until Tuesday 20th October 2020.

The cost of this event will be £10 per night (with a minimum of 2 nights),


We will be parking members on the grass.

Important Information

There are no hookups at this venue.

Generators can be used at this rally within our guidelines. link to terms

I am running this meet and any questions should be directed to me.

We will have 5 reserve places.

How To Book

Please reply to this thread stating:
  1. How many nights you would like to attend
  2. What day you will be arriving on.

How To Pay

Please pay on arrival at the site, please put the money in an envelope with your username and the number of nights written on it.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there.


The List
  1. Geeky Philip (steward) NO FOOD
  2. Lee (steward)
  3. Alwaysared
  4. Greengrass
  5. Trotter
  6. Allen
  7. JeffMossy
  8. Moonshadow (fri x 0 - sat x 2)
  9. MaryMary
  10. Horace
  11. Campervanannie
  12. Helsque
  13. Minisorella
  14. Pondhoppers
  15. Ian1950
  16. Roadroamer
  17. Travellingmacks (fri x 0 - sat x 2)
  18. St3v3
  19. Andromeda
  20. Old Man Down (fri x 2 - sat x 0)
  21. Tim120 (fri x 1 - sat x 1)
  22. Patnlorewatson (fri x 2 - sat x 0)
  23. Burstner Boy
  24. Peter51
  25. robell
  26. Kath Tony (fri x 2 - sat x 2)
  27. Patp (fri x 2 - sat x 2)
  28. RichardHelen262 (fri x 2 - sat x2)
  29. Steveandjulie (fri x 0 - sat x 2)
  30. Caz
  31. Salvage1
  32. Whitecloud 5 nights
  33. RV12FUN 3 nights
  34. Ferenza 5 nights no food
  35. 4x4man 5 nights (fri x 2 - sat x2)
3 nights Sat/Sun/Mon no food please

Millstone Grit

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Hi Phil going through the posts this event was limited to 30 and it looks like it's been extended to 35. Is 35 the limit or is there still room?


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5 nights for us please Phil. 2 Breakfasts Saturday and Sunday , Friday 2 spuds, and Saturday, 2 curries. Thanks .
Please can you put us on the list.
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