Kelso, Scottish Borders.

Kelso, Scottish Borders.
Posted by Biggarmac
Borders Events Centre, Springwood Road, Kelso
Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Europe/London

Start: Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 12:00 PM
End: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - 01:00 PM


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Please may I go on the list. 5 night no lecy required. will have to find a nice place to stop off half way or that will be one hell of a drive. any recommendations?
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Please may I go on the list. 5 night no lecy required. will have to find a lice place to stop off half way or that will be one hell of a drive. any recommendations?
It is probably worth starting a new thread asking for recommendations. It will get lost in this thread. Start and end point useful!


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Hello can you add Donald & I for 5 nights please, with EHU? I didn't see our name on your list. Thanks, Thea


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List of atendees:

1. Biggarmac (steward)
2. Trotter (international parking controller)
3. Jeffmossy (5 nights)
4. Mariesnowgoose (5 nights) EHU
5. RichardHelen26 (5 nights) EHU?
6. Scotia (Fr,Sa)
7. Millstone Grit (5nights)
8. The Griffos (5 nights)
9. Campervanannie (5 nights) EHU
10. The Laird (Fr, Sat, Su)
11. Rugbyken (5 nights)
12. Nabsim (5 nights)
13. Kath Tony (5 nights)
14. Newfpark (5 nights)
15. Aly1 (5 nights)
16. Lancaster Cal (5 nights)
17. Bigredf (5 nights)
18. Badolki ( Th - Su)
19. Bentonaj (5 nights)
20. Ferenza (5 nights)
21. Barge 1914 (5 nights)
22. Pisleyavondale (4 nights)
23. tompa (5 nights)
24. Burstner boy (5 nights)
25. Jillygumbo (5 nights)
26. Wully (5 nights?)
27. Alwaysared (5 nights)
28. Kimbowbill (5 nights + EHU)
29. The Ark (3 nights Fr-Mo +EHU)
30. Tim120 (5 nights)
31. Joyzigzag (5 nights)
32. Exwindsurfer (5 nights)
33. 5andy (3 nights Th-Su)
34. The Wilsons (3 nights Th - Su)
35. Musketeer (3 nights Tu-Su)
36. Otter 1959 (5 nights)
37. Fifer (5 nights)(EHU)
38. Patandlorswatson (5 nights)
39. Caz (5 nights)
40. Maureen and jim (5 nights)
41. Ladydunraven (5 nights)
42. Mary Mary (5 nights)
43. Ten Thousand Sunsets (5 nights)
44. BMC (5 nights)
45. Caliabay ( 5 nights)
46. Carol Ashton (5 nights)
Next years meet at Kelso, Scottish Borders.
Borders Events Centre, Springwood Road, Kelso
Kelso TD5 8LS, UK
has been arranged for Thursday 14th July 2022. 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday July 19, 2022 - 11:00 AM

The price per night will be £14.00
Limited hook ups are available at £4 per night. The bulk of the hook ups may be in a different area from the main rally.

How To Book

Please reply to this thread stating:
  1. How many nights you would like to attend
  2. What day you will be arriving on
  3. If you would like EHU


DO NOT USE POSTCODE ON YOUR SAT NAV. It takes you to a different Springwood park where it is difficult to turn round.

What three words ///chugging.sushi.physical

Co-ordinates: 55.596252. -2.436798

The Borders Events Centre (also known as the Border Union Showground) is located just a short walk from the picturesque town of Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Its cobbled streets and historic buildings are popular with visitors and tourists.
From the site, you can see the outline of the town including Kelso Abbey, Floors Castle and the local point-to-point course. The world famous junction pool on the River Tweed leads visitors from the BEC over the ‘Old Bridge’ and in to the town with its hotels, pubs, restaurants and shops.
The venue is just an hours drive from Edinburgh and 90 minutes from Newcastle and Carlisle making it extremely accessible for the whole of Scotland and Northern England.
40 acres of well maintained parkland which are perfect for a whole range of outdoor events. We regularly welcome vehicle rallies, agricultural sales, caravan clubs and are well suited to fairs, festivals and sporting events.
With the grounds come a number of caravan and camping facilities including 24 hook-ups, a shower and loo block (male, female and disabled) as well as disposal services

This will take place during Kelso Civic Week which is expected to start on Saturday 16th July. Civic week is one of the Borders Common Ridings festivals. Many events taking place in Kelso and the surrounding area while we will be there, including the Farmers Market on Saturday16th July 2022.
Please will you put us down for 5 days johndoris


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Really sorry Meg, I'm going to have to cry off this one. I do hope someone else volunteers to help you.
Can't be in two places at one time.


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sorry meg we are double booked also but the new venue in dorset would make it too long a drag so strawberry fields wins a pity because kelso is such a lovely venue

Burstner Boy

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Apologies!! Gone and double booked with New Forest. As also booked for Jurassic Coast we will have to cancel Kelso this time. Sorry to mess you about.