Midlife Ska band concert 2024 TICKET PAYMENTS

Hello Simon
Yes I have received your payment, I will update the thread later today, thank you 👍
Apologies, I have just read the header and I put down paying for goods and services instead of friends and family. Let me know what extra I need to pay as I don’t want you out of pocket.
I will return your payment, then you can resend using friends and family. Thank you (y)
2 x tickets for the band, £14 paid via PayPal (to friends and family) (y)
If you have purchased tickets for the Motorhomer Ska premiun event next November 2024 then you will need to pay for the ticket BEFORE THE END OF JUNE 2024, if you have not paid for your tickets before this date then I will presume that you are no longer attending and you will be taken off the list, tickets are £7 each and your tickets will be given to you on arrival at the event, you can pay Me, Lorraine or Phil cash when you see us , or you can PayPal me, if you pay by PayPal then do not select paying for goods or services otherwise I will get charged for the transaction and be out of pocket, please select the paying friends or family option. DONT FORGET TO PUT YOUR FORUM NAME IN THE MESSAGE BOX SO I KNOW WHO HAS PAID ME, then let me know on THIS THREAD ONLY that you have sent a payment