Motorhomer Annual Camp 2020 August 20th - 25th

Motorhomer Annual Camp 2020 August 20th - 25th
Posted by Geeky Philip
Stratford-upon-Avon Race Course
Thursday, August 20, 2020 - 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 - 12:00 PM
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The Motorhomer Annual Rally 2020 will be held between 20th and 25th of August at Stratford-upon-Avon Race Course.

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The cost will be £12 per van per night which I think is great value for August in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Parking is on the grass. There is no Electric Hookup available on the site.

ONLY water, ELSAN and rubbish disposal will be provided. There are no toilets or showers so your motorhome must be self-contained.

There will be no fire provided or other group activities.

Dogs are allowed on site but must be kept under control at all times and are not allowed on other pitches.

Campsite COVID Safety Rules

These rules are in addition to our normal terms and rules

1. Use of the campsite is at your own risk. Each of us must be responsible for our own safety and protective hygiene measures.

2. Current Government rules and social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times throughout the entire site.

3. To help you apply Government rules and guidelines, consider your motorhome and marked pitch to be your house and garden.

4. You may not enter or cross another party’s pitch without their specific consent or invitation and must not touch or use any items that belong to another party.

5. Pets must be kept on a short enough leash at all times to prevent them from straying onto another pitch.

6. Every member of your party, including children, must follow these campsite COVID safety rules.

These rules are in place to help keep us all safe whilst we enjoy our camping trip but they are not requests.
Breaking these rules will put others at risk and anyone doing so may be asked to leave the campsite.

Please ask a Steward if you have any questions or need clarification on anything.

Thank you all for helping to keep us as COVID safe as possible.

This camp is limited to 70 motorhomes and no tents are allowed.

How To Book

Please reply to this thread stating:
  1. How many nights you would like to attend (£12 per vehicle per night)
  2. What day you will be arriving on

How To Pay

Please put the exact payment in a sealed envelope then write your username, vehicle registration number and the payment amount on the envelope. This will be collected on arrival so please have it ready.
Hi Phil, could you put us down for 3 nights arriving Friday please.


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Pretty please can I change my arrival to Friday and leave Monday morning. Dentist next week so don't need to be put by entrance. Thanks


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After attending the New Forest meet, I was booked to have a new windscreen.
They turned up and did the job, which gave me about ten days to get ready for this meet. To make the most of it leaving a day earlier seemed like a good idea. So of we trundle on Wednesday. Its all going fine until it started raining. It never just drizzled, but poured it down. All of a sudden l have only got one wiper!
Passenger side gone on a different route to us. Rather than risk the splined shaft grinding the splines away I decided to just do it in single wipes for the remainder of the journey(100 miles). So arriving at Stratford and the rain easing out came some tools. The nearside wiper had not been put onto the shaft properly and tightened up. 10 minutes and the job was done (hopefully) ,aided and assisted by Roaminrog.
Stratford will be remembered for the wrong reason to start with. It can only get better.


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For attendees of the Stratford meet.
If anyone here has a Reich external shower point, but they do not have the hose. Then I have one looking for a new home. Free!
I am the first van in the field by the rubbish bin.


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Big thanks to Martin,Sue,Lee and Phil for another enjoyable weekend at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse.
Currently enjoying :IMG_20200823_133515.jpg
Cooking in Vern the Van.
Roast pork, roast potatoes and cheesy, garlic creamed leeks ( without cream !! )


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Safely home now, many thanks to Phil, Lee and especially Del for another successful few days at Stratford Racecourse.
Very enjoyable, always great to see the old faces, and meet some new ones.
Really enjoying this retirement lark, it’s an almost overwhelming feeling of freedom!
Thanks again to everyone involved, for pulling together, and making these Meets happen.

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