Please make my ar5e look nice...


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This looks rather plain lol.

I'm after something funny that makes reference to it being a motor home, and Tommy's wheelchair being why it's so big...

Any suggestions? Cheers.


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You could do loads with that space trying to think of something topical with a hint of fun in it


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Any further improvement on your ar5e Steve?


On a serious note what about Tommy looking out of a window. Perhaps with a thumbs up or something similar.
Or him coming out of a door in the wheelchair if you wish.

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How about a picture along with a short but happy poem by yourselves explaining Tommy's situation?


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Stevie was our shot drinking partner at Hereford remember Edward Harry and George’s dad think he’s realy good at all the graphics design stuff and will probably have a contact to wrap the back of you’re van. Just tell him it’s his round he’d probably wrap the whole van rather than buy us two shots again.?


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You should contact Lyndsey & Steve (Yowz on here) he does this sort of thing...
I did write to Yowz, I know they don't post much, and it was only Friday, but if you are in touch please let them know they've got a message from me :)


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Hey Steve,

Appologies, I'm not getting notifications for my PM's and don't use the forums much, although I can be found on Facebook most evenings.

We will be able to help making that less plain. Give me a call tomorrow to discuss. My office number is 01908 378882 or my mobile number is 07966 200996.


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