The Drum, Edinburgh

The Drum, Edinburgh
Posted by Biggarmac
The Drum Estate, Edinburgh
Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 12:00 PM
Until: Tuesday, July 6, 2021 - 12:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
All times have been adjusted for the timezone: Europe/London

Start: Thursday, July 1, 2021 - 12:00 PM
End: Tuesday, July 6, 2021 - 12:00 PM

The wilsons

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List of attendees

  1. Meg (Steward)
  2. Phillip Tomlinson (Steward)
  3. Rugbyken (5 nights?)
  4. Roaminrog (5nights)
  5. Trotter (5 nights)
  6. Saxonborg (5 nights)
  7. Campervanannie (5 nights)
  8. Jagmanx (5 nights)
  9. Peter51 ( 5 nights)
  10. Greytop ( 4 nights from 1st)
  11. Jpdfisher ( 4 nights from 1st)
  12. Lee and Linda (5 nights)
  13. Exwindsurfer (5 nights)
  14. Mariesnowgoose (3 nights from 2nd)
  15. Debs (5 nights)
  16. Wully (5nights)
  17. Alwaysared (5 nights)
  18. Millstone Grit (4 nights from 1st)
  19. Bigredf (5 nights)
  20. Billieblue (5 nights)
  21. Norman 64 (4 nights from 1st)
  22. Shabbins (5 nights)
  23. Papabongo (5 nights)
  24. Jim and pat heaton ( late Friday for 3 nights)
  25. Mobilvetta (5 nights)
  26. Horace ( 5 nights)
  27. Ian 1950 (5 nights)
  28. Kath Tony (5 nights)
  29. Mervi (5nights)
  30. Avalonadverturers (5 nights)
  31. Stonedaddy (5 nights)
  32. Ferenza (5 nights)
  33. Joy Zigzag (5 nights)
  34. xsilvergs (5 nights)
  35. Molly 3 ( 5 nights)
  36. Patp (5 nights)
  37. Greyduster (3 nights Fr, Sa, Sun)
  38. Neodafyd (5 nights)
  39. The wilsons (3 nights Th, Fr, Sa)
  40. Barkwick (5 nights)
  41. bentonaj (5 nights)
  42. Chrisb1701 (5 nights)
  43. Mon (4 nights Th-Su)
  44. Hank (5 nights)
  45. Daisymini (5 nights)
  46. RayM (5 nights)
  47. Izwozral (3 nights Th, Fr, Sa)
Due to restrictions being relaxed we have had a surprise wedding invite so unfortunately will not be able to attend this meet, could you please take our name of the list, sorry.


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Hi young man
Can you put us down for this meet provisional please as I have to see my Consultant in the next week or two then maybe have a holiday in hospital , But I hope not, Thank you
PS Also for Kelso


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Judy and I would like to join you. Three nights, arriving 1st and leaving 4th July.

David (UFO)


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The Drum Estate is 5 miles from the centre of Edinburgh. The frequent bus service is from just outside the Estate gate. There is a well stocked co-op store opposite the gate. The Beijing Banquet buffet is 400m away.

This is a big field with fresh water and Elsan disposal. Grey water is taken to the edge of the field.

The price will be £9 pun. Normal 2021 Camp rules apply. See Campsite COVID Safety rules thread above.

Co-ordinates for gate 55.911327, -3.111641
What three words for gate to field is - letter. book. memo

Please only use this gate for entry. No other gates to the drum Estate are to be used.

How To Book

Please reply to this thread stating:
  1. How many nights you would like to attend (£9 per vehicle per night)
  2. What day you will be arriving on
How To Pay

Please put the exact payment in a sealed envelope then write your username, vehicle registration number and the payment amount on the envelope. This will be collected on arrival by PHIL so please have it ready.


There is a limit of 50 for this camp. A waiting list will apply if we get above 50.
Hi Could you remove us from the list as a unforeseen problem as turned up ,cheers Peter.


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Hi Meg I see the meet is nearly full if not full I have my name down was hoping to make this one but it now looks if it crosses our other plans. So I’d like to cancel early enough to give someone else a place sorry.