Thursday 1st -Tuesday 6th August 2024, Aylestone St James rugby club,Leicester

Thursday 1st -Tuesday 6th August 2024, Aylestone St James rugby club,Leicester
Posted by jeffmossy
Aylestone St James rugby club ( known far & wide as the JIMMIES) Covert lane Scraptoft Leicester
Thursday, August 1, 2024 - 10:00 AM
Until: Tuesday, August 6, 2024 - 12:00 PM
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Upcoming dates
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Start: Thursday, August 1, 2024 - 10:00 AM
End: Tuesday, August 6, 2024 - 12:00 PM


Rally Organiser


Any member booking a rally after 24th April 2024 are now required to provide a contact phone number and their vehicle registration. Please read this thread for more details.

Rally Organiser 24hour EMERGENCY contact number (only available on the dates of the duration of the Rally) 07443105184 Jeff

Thursday 1st August until Tuesday 6th 2024, Brand New Venue Thanks to rugbyken.

Aylestone St James rugby club (known far & wide as the JIMMIES) covert lane Scraptoft Leicester LE 79SP
coordinates 52.6455990 -1.0324577

The club is on the eastern outskirts of Leicester on a quiet lane with a dog walking field next to it and footpaths branching off in various places and Rutland Water is about a 30min drive

we have access to a licensed bar with large patio area

outside freshwater tap

Elsan point

rubbish disposal

Access to single separate ladies & gents wc & shower

There is a large Tesco a couple of miles away

a small Coop is in Scraptoft village walking distance + corner shop
weatherspoons about 500 mtr away

Entertainment in the clubhouse

Thursday - Social evening

Friday - 8pm Sticky 13's with Admin

Saturday - Disco , Groupoke and Karaoke

Sunday - Linda's Quiz night

The cost is £11 per unit per night, please have your fee in a sealed envelope with your forum name and how many nights you are attending, this will be collected ON ARRIVAL by one of the stewards

If you would like to attend please ask on this thread only stating your arrival day and how many days you will be attending

If you are heading north from the rye meet take the A47 off the A1 takes you within 1/2 mile of the clubhouse
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List of attendees

  1. Rugbyken Steward
  2. Jeffmossy Steward
  3. Admin Steward
  4. LeeLinda Steward
  5. Trotter Parking
  6. Ten Thousand Sunsets
  7. Frank n Sense
  8. Dorwyn
  9. Old Man Down
  10. Peter51
  11. Patnlorewatson
  12. Johndoris
  13. Hayhiker
  14. Joy Zigzag
  15. Wully
  16. Exwindsurfer
  17. Molly3
  18. Greengrass
  19. lknight
  20. Robmac
  21. TissyD
  22. Burstner Boy
  23. Suepaskins
  24. Wilded639
  25. Wilde Wanderer
  26. bevburman
  27. silverbeard
  28. Minisorella
  29. Campervanannie
  30. Wondering Womble
  31. oppy
  32. Nick Mandy
  33. Smb
  34. Bouydog
  35. Kevin Chivers
  36. merl
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I love a mystery rally that no one knows where it is!!!
So exciting.
Please put me down on the list as an attending member.
Yes please, where is it?
Britain or Europe, I'm not going any further than Europe. 😁😅
looks great might have to visit Rutland water for a few days before or after anybody else up for that
as jeff says above the rugby club is en route north from the Rye meet , i realised that we don’t have any Midland meets now without rutland water & stratford and had looked at several around the area of rutland water apart from Lyndon top most of the others are too small, there is a 5 van site opposite the horse & jockey in manton a pub i know several people walked to from lyndon top don’t know how much it is there but there is also a small campsite opposite rutland sailing club well situated for the lake near the wheatsheaf pub the sunken normanton church and the lovely village of edith weston this site holds about 40 vans and is £14 for motorhomes it’s basic just a tap,elsan & rubbish though you can become a member of the sailing club opposite and use the bar & showers , i could have a word there and see if i could book it for a few vans straight after the club ?
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That sounds good Lyndon is a nice site but a bit secluded that one you mentioned at the sailing club sounds the biz.