Weather Report..................

Still snowing and hailing here on and off and bitterly cold but the wind appears to have dropped.

I woke to 14c with the promise of blue sky and 22c later.
No picture because that would be smug.

You took the words out of my mouth Lee. Good morning.

Morning campers it’s wall to wall sunshine windy but and there is a’s absolutely fffffffrrrreeeeezziinngg!! Still ni snow or rain

Are you sure your sun at 5/6am wasn't a street light or one of Annie's fire pits..... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
woke at 6am this morning very light, very cloudy and overcast.......woke again 7.10am ah and there it is....big red ball in the was still there when i woke again at 9am..........and bless its little cotton socks...its still there in the sky..trying its hardest....however...the wind is so strong and its so cold.....cannot really feel the warmth of the sun....BUT ITS THERE.....

We have an awful lot of blue above Hertfordshire this morning with a brisk breeze and an air temperature of about 8 degC.
The forecast for the UK over the coming couple of days looks 'interesting'!

Colin :):):)

26 in the shade.. Birdsong at maximum volume.
They think it's spring.



Colin 😊😊😊

Not bad at the moment, but it may be a tad breezy tonight 😱


60 kts is about 70mph.

brrrrr temperature due to drop 4 degrees today all the way down to 20degreees how will i cope oh yes that’s the temp i heat my house to , don’t worry folks we’ll survive,

Sunny this morning at home but must get the van washed before the threatened windy weather arrives tonight!