Weather Report..................


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N Devon:

Light grey
None of the above.
Stiff westerly blew in, during lunch.
We had to collapse the sunshade which was threatening to take off. I was worried it would blow the froth off my beer.
Immediately the wind dropped and we sweated and squinted throughout the remainder of the meal.
Northerly breezes have brought the temperatures down to a balmy 23, in the shade.
Oh, ..we heard the Golden Oriole giving it's short call, at breakfast. Is it staying, or just passing through?


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blowing a gale all last night....wind whistling down chinmeys.......a lot of clattering and banging going on outside.....things probably getting thrown around no doubt.
then surprise 6am this morning very, very, light was quite dark at this time yesterday due to clouds and weather...........then 6.50 .......oh was there...THE off a nice glow....wind had dropped....judging by the trees etc......they were just blowing gently
now nearly 11am just when i thought i might get to market today........all change.....not unsurprisingly ....wind howling...sun decided to leave us... all sky looks as tho we may get outing scuppered again......
mind, i think it is the 13th today...or i may be wrong.....


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17 degrees at bedtime, last night.
Hot and sweaty in bed.
Cooler today, no sign of rain.
Good day to get the white paint out and do some crack filling and touch up painting, a couple of hours, before a walk.
A chance to accumulate some brownie points, ahead of The Child Bride's sister, ( The Under Manager..), arriving Sunday., for her annual inspection.

First thing I did, was to drop the 5 litre plastic bucket, cracking it open. I have alternative containers for 3 litres.
I spent the rest of the day painting the outside and making good knocks and wear and tear. Another hour, tomorrow early should see me ok.
I close my eyes and all I can see is brilliant white