What do you use in your toilet?


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GMJ;n12825 said:
I am surprised more folk don't use this. It's green and bio-friendly plus stops nasty niffs and is easy to use. Relatively cheap and easy to use.

We've used that Onechem product for a couple of years and have been pleased with its performance.
Normally bought from the Range but they haven't got their camping gear in stock yet.

I've just bought an identical product with a Quest brand label from Go Outdoors ( although it isn't shown on Quest's website)



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debs;n24468 said:
Wood shavings/Sawdust........composting toilet.
Best! Easy to dispose of and no water! Do you separate urine? Our new van has the standard thetford and we have been thinking round adapting it to compost as used to this type of loo in our home.
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I read on an Australian guys forum that you need something with sodium percarbonate in to prevent smells, like this.



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Formil Bio
Cheap and Cheerful..MT daily.
As "Vodka Annie" says coke (liquid not powder) every so often !
My wife is very fussy over smells but she is happy with this..
Might try the "OneChem" this summer.

PS We put toilet paper and wet-wipes in a "Doggy Poo Bag" Not in the cassette.
Dispose of said DPB either as with dogs or burn or somewhere suitable.
This all keeps our cassette very clean.
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My wife is the only one whoo uses our on board (unless we are travelling and in the middle of nowhere and its raining!). She uses nappy bags for non number 2's toilet paper and then disposes. We use the fluid I mentioned ear;ier in this thread and empty the bog every 2 days. She also uses the diluted pink toilet spray in a spray bottle after every toilet use to keep it clean/fresh. We have had zero smells and zero issues.



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Non - Bio tablets or liquid , even used powder, keeping up with the environment, most shop brands


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I don't know if this is part of this thread or another one entirely.
My toilet and shower is full of my bedding when travelling, and folding table and chairs etc. I have no store at the back. So my loo is permanently unavailable.
Does anyone else use a public toilet app? I find that it covers my needs brilliantly, although a bout of D&V might put an end to that belief.
I use an app called FLUSH, which is very useful. It needs signal, but will guide you to your nearest public loo very well indeed.
It doesn't include pubs or many restaurants, but is good on public facilities. Saved my life a couple of times!


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To avoid all this bio / green / blue / Aldi / Lidl / where to empty etc malarky has anyone considered opting for a colostomy / catheter combo procedure? Just a thought :)
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Just use the blue stuff. About ten quid for four litres which lasts for about five months continuous usage. I tried the various tablets and stuff but nothing was as good. Maybe my poo is nuclear or summut .I dunno.
That’s OK unless you are tipping into a system that has a septic tank. The blue will bugger it up.


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We use the Elsan double concentrated blue or occasionally green, when I can get it. Tried lots of other brands and the washing liquid fluid and tabs, but wasn’t keen. We just ran out of Elsan fluid and had to buy some locally ( currently on the Med) from Leclerc, it’s made by Camping Gaz, concentrated blue fluid and it’s rubbish. Using up to twice the recommended amount and the toilet still has a strange sour smell, so looking for an alternative.


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"How many sheets?" 'Er indoors' is responsible for a fair bit of Rainforest clearance as the count is in yards rather than sheets :-0 Now I'm wondering whether one of my school-day unhappy memories [Izal bog paper] made me what I am to this day, i.e. a careful 'folder' . No-one would dream of putting a scrunched-up a ball of Izal where the sun doesn't shine... it would be more suited to sanding down a door......

Does anyone else remember Izal bog rolls? Little difference from the small quares of newspaper my Dad would hang from a string at home!

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