What have you fixed on your motorhome this week


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Had a busy few days, but worthwhile. Had tried before to replace the gas struts on the drop down bed, but found access difficult. They were still working but tired. so removed the cab cassette blinds, and hey presto easy access. Took the mattress out, so good range of movement, and they came off remarkably easily, popped on the upgraded replacement gas struts. Took the opportunity to torque up the frame Nylock nuts, and got rid of an increasingly annoying squeak as the bed went up and down. Fitted a new set of cassette blinds (e-bay), very easy to fit. then replaced the corrugated drain hose from the bathroom sink, which this summer had developed a slight leak, which wasn't bad, but annoying. She is just over 18 years old, so inevitable that things need doing, and everything I have removed appears to be original.


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during my abcence from this forum i have replaced the exhaust repairer the wheel arch fitted a two-bar sorted out the water pump and replaced the horn with a very loud one.
it is a truck air horn was a bit fedup with my puny horn when someone cut me up my horn was crap

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