What made you smile today.


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The young mother with 2 kids on their way to school after she went arse over tit :ROFLMAO:

She was more interested in her mobile phone twittering, twotting, twatting or whatever than the kids running ahead or the kerb she fell off ?

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What’s in today’s box
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Apple tart ??
You mentioned staying in Suffolk so which Patisserie Valerie have you frequented, Annie? Colchester on the way northwards? Bury St. Edmonds? Ipswich?
BTW, I've been doing some research on your behalf and it seems that Crawley, West Sussex, may well be as civilised as Folkestone. They have an oasis for you:

WP_20190518_14_18_28_Pro (2).jpg

Obviously in your case the oasis is on the left!

The things I do for friends.

Colin ???

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