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Who's Awake

Best place to be Chris indoors! Malcolm has been in the loft and retrieved the Christmas decorations and tree, don’t know what the mad pup will be like when the tree goes up! :oops:

Lorraine has already posted this in the Christmas thread
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you will soon find out jeanette....lol....good luck
We most certainly will trixie when Lana comes from school Misty doesn’t leave her side they love each other to bits! Plus Lana spoils her..haha we think the first time a branch gets her she’ll not do it again!..lol

Well once again there’s a hard frost here but it’s supposed to thaw out during the night!
Morning all,

Wet here too.

Yep, in the grip of Morpheus at that time Chris. Even when i've had a poor night, i'm usually asleep at that time. Nothing to be up for when the weather's so foul.

Off out to a festive lunch today organised by a laryngectomy group, should be interesting if they are all "talking" at once. Daughter said it will sound like a room full of Daleks.:)

Afternoon all,

Bit thin on the ground at the lunch, but it turns out to be a small world.

A couple on one side of us lived five minutes from us, and the couple on the other side has a motorhome.....we might have a new convert.

At least it didn't snow.

Not fine dining but it was fine. A traditional seasonal lunch. Note, I havn't mentioned the other words to describe this time of year, don't want me hands slapped hippy.:)
Evening all it’s been wet here all day and quite horrible,Sue as long as you enjoyed it and the craic was good even dalek craic!

Well me, it’s 4am and I just couldn’t resists temptation for a cuppa as just couldn’t sleep.

So here I am, ventured out into balcony but really not quite warm enough to sit outside topless, so am sat in lounge with patio doors open. Not bad for December eh!!!!!!
oh chris.........at least you will get it over and done with before the big day....

feed a cold and starve a fever.......i think it is.........get well soon