Cadac or bbq


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Each to their own...
The negative comments are valid but we like it
Do not use the legs but put it on a sturdy kitchen stool/steps.
Mainly use the griddle plate flat side up oiled but the ribbed side has its uses
We do a full meal
Garlic bread
Thin meats or Chipolata type sausages or home made burgers
Many sliced vegetables (Onion Tomato Pepper Aubergine Courgette)
Parboiled potatoes sliced medium and evenly.
We use the lid for heat retention.

To clean..Use a spray with water washing up liquid whilst still hot then wait then easy peasy

No not a true BBQ but outdoor/camp cooking
WIND is the biggest problem (but I now have tablets).
Yes we have a paella type pan and that can be used and with a lid..It also holds/cooks more food in one go


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We like the CADAC so much we have one for home as well as one for the MH.

There's only the 2 of us but the size is perfect especially if myself and Mrs GMJ have different things (she likes fish and I don't). Plus when doing a full fry up, there is only just room for sausages, bacon, mushrooms and types of eggs (omelette and fried).

I also do 1 pot meals using the pot stand and a wok: curries, chillies, bolognaise sauce etc as well as standard BBQ fayre...

Graham :)


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With our little Cadac we have a circular wire stand which can be sat on top of the solid plate and then the thing is a small oven when the lid is put on. Good for pies and pasties.




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Only thing wrong with my Cadac is I don’t use it enough. It’s the early version of the one Wully has and never blows out lol. Charlie kept telling me it would but in the end he agreed it wasn’t like his lol

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