Hollingworth Lake Country Park , Littleborough , Lancashire, Thursday May 25th Until Tuesday May 30th 2023

Hollingworth Lake Country Park , Littleborough , Lancashire, Thursday May 25th Until Tuesday May 30th 2023
Posted by jeffmossy
Littleborough Rugby Club , Hollingworth Lake , Rakewood ,Littleborough
Thursday, May 25, 2023 - 10:00 AM
Until: Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 12:00 PM
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Start: Thursday, May 25, 2023 - 10:00 AM
End: Tuesday, May 30, 2023 - 12:00 PM


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Sorry to be uncommitted but could you pencil us in please? My daughter usually comes over from California end May beginning June, don't have her dates yet and won't until she books her flight it all rather depends on her work schedule, not likely to know until April - don't let us block someone else from coming.
Thanks Sue



All 5 nights please Jeff. Haven’t been to Hollingsworth for ages 😊


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Minimum 2 nights stay

Littleborough Sports club ( Rugby and Cricket club )
Rakewood Rd
Littleborough OL15 0AP
53.624386, -2.08535

This is the late May bank holiday weekend

Littleborough Rugby Club ( Littleborough sports club ) , Hollingworth Lake, Littleborough, starting Thursday 25th May until Tuesday 30th May. Only 10 min off junction 21 M62, on the border with Lancashire and West Yorkshire, stunning location in the very heart of the Pennines.

Please note this is not the campsite on Rakewood road, drive past the campsite and it is next right after you drive past the old stone derelict mill, it is shown as Littleborough sports club on Google Maps. Also take care when driving down the single track road at the side of the lake, there are plenty of passing points if you do meet oncoming traffic, there will probably be lots of pedestrians walking down this road also so take it nice and easy

There are some lovely walks around the area and lake where you will find cafés, bars and restaurants

The Bar and clubhouse will be open for us every night, also your dog is welcome in the clubhouse but not in the snug room

Entertainment TBC

We will have 4 x charging points available, these are to charge your leisure batteries only, you must book these 24hrs in advance and will be allocated a 4-hour slot. There will be a £2 charge to use this service

The club has got toilets and showers for us to use

We will have fresh water available, and Elsan emptying points also rubbish disposal. Grey water can be let out onto the grass

The cost is £12.00 per unit per night,

Generators are allowed at this camp subject to our terms and conditions. If you intend to use one of these please inform us upon arrival as you will be allocated to a area where you will not disturb anyone who is not using one. Here is the link to Motorhomer terms and conditions


Meduck & me please.


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List of attendees Minimum 2 nights stay

1 Jeffmossy
2 Trotter.....Parking & Gate Warden, Security, Safety Officer, plus other tasks to be allocated :p:p
3 SquirrellCook Meet & Greet
4 LeeandLinda

5 Red Kev
6 johnnyboy
7 Caz
8 hayhiker
9 Johndoris
10 Old Man down
11 bmc
12 Exwindsurfer
13 alwaysared
14 RegnVal
15 Mr and Mrs Tupcox
16 The Griffos
17 Hymer Snobs
18 Molly3
20 Kimbowbill
21 Ten Thousand Sunsets
22 andromeda
23 bouydog
24 Christineboots
25 rugbyken
26 Frank n Sense
27 Camppingfun
28 horace
29 Burstner Boy
30 Compost
31 Peter51
32 Linca
33 Paulhelenwilko
34 Torchy
35 Old Man Down
36 Minisorella
37 Double Beez
38 Meloc8
39 Steveandjulie
40 lknight
Book me in jack & Julie


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Hi Jeff,

Can we book all nights, please? Then it's fingers crossed that my Stroke Rehab Out Patient Appointments will be finished by the start of the Rally!



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Hi does anyone know if getting to this includes going thru any clean air zone I am 5 ton motorhome smoker