How's your Fridges doing?


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Made some mods to how I originally installed my fridge and its made a massive difference in power usage, internal temp (when hot outside) and noise.
Mostly I guess due to the original install which was not overly thought about, I thought a simple fan was enough. But added extra insulation and more controlled airflow and its made a big real world difference
Obvs install is very unique, but the principle of extra insulation esp around compressor compartment, and "thought about" airflow from a cool area is applicable to most compressor layouts.
Hope its useful for someone :)

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I always have problems on fridge when ambient outside exceeds 30c with a thetford fridge freezer. Seems gas and on 3 setting manages best. Also fitted a fan to help remove rejected heat out of vent at the top. Separate switch for the fan when I need it. Freezer is fine if full.


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What is your normal travelling pattern ? Wilding mostly or campsites [EHU] ?
We haven't had the fridge long but have mostly been on meetings with no ehu and it's worked fine we did 4 nights at Stratford with fridge on and watching dvds on a 12 volt TV and phone charging we had the solar panel out and we only used 60 of the 200 amp battery so I think we should be able to get a full week without ehu

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