Park up views the good, bad, ugly

This was at Fisterra ( or Finistere, depends how you feel). The Romans thought it was the end of the world. It’s in Northwest Spain.


And this is was a couple of days ago. Parked just on the left out of shot from this view.



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Spent three days there
One of our old haunts. We spent 25 nights there last Sept/Oct with a few visits to the Dr,s and Narbonne hospital.
The scooter came in very handy!
Over the time, we met several forum members

Just outside Braemar this morning on the way home from a fabulous few days doing Dumfries and Galloway and the Yorkshire Dales. FECDDA8C-6D4F-4AD5-812E-4618D1A4B168.jpeg

Can I ask? Your photographs are not showing for me only png numbers. Am I missing something for them to show?
Can I ask? Your photographs are not showing for me only png numbers. Am I missing something for them to show?
I’d have a look in your browser settings. For example, Firefox has an option for “hide images” which may simply need turning off.
2cv. I think I have it. If I follow from my email I don’t see them. I’ve just logged on via chrome and I have now got them. Thank you

Is that Loch Morlich?
No sorry! It’s still clatteringshaws loch
We found a little side road that goes round the back nr bennan and joins the forest drive to knocksheen, bumpy and potholed really pleased with air suspension and air seats 😄😄😄😄😄

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