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Annie your ment to send Bill for the chips, and keep your money for Scotland, hi Bill your welcome to Scotland anytime
I think she’s keeping bill sweet because she’s going to leave him at home and she’ll be going by herself! That’s why she’s buying the fish and chips!


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Folleux Beganne Port
With bins ?
This is the river Vilaine272A304C-89D9-4AD4-8A31-465045BF4E75.jpegF42E20FE-958B-40DB-8BCD-B9D4F2D67919.jpeg
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Spent a week there with a trailer tent when my kids were little, told them I was gonna throw em over if they didn’t go to sleep late one night, daughter said ohhh can I swim to France so not much of a threat
When our boys were little they wouldn't get out of the bath.

So one night I pulled out the plug and said "Out of the bath or you go down the plughole." They were out so fast.......

Still makes me laugh now.


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Shame you lot can’t see what we have seen
The previous photo was just s taster of a convoy of about 200 similar old small mopeds . Some sort of rally and most in fancy dress
I can’t believed so many in such an area. No way would Uk plod let some of these on the rd0EC8DCEE-C30E-4AA7-89EA-D9FE4DFB17CC.jpeg9D1079F9-A3CB-4248-85FD-1C928DBB9DE1.jpeg76F7BD4A-6FA1-40EF-8BCB-D010B778AD94.jpegBCA8C51E-785C-4CD7-A216-3FC7BFB1C42E.jpeg