Park up views the good, bad, ugly


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I see you're a Park4Night fan too. It's a pity that it is no longer free to download their TomTom POIs.


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These sites actually all came from the "all the Aires" books - I have the park4night web page on my laptop but hadn't used it.
Would it have saved me buying the books?
Thanks for that....Previously I've always used paper abroad, using TomTom for navigation only. Athough I'll continue taking the books I've now downloaded all the POIs I can find and am tempted to try using them exclusively and see how I get on.

Although net technology continues to improve, I'm a worrier by nature, and like hard copy to fall back on should things go wrong. Keep buying the books. ?


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Holly Honey!
As you park at the Aire just north of Rouen you drive near a crucifix with a life-size Jesus mounted on a frame advertising the nearby church. After we had parked up we noticed a colony of bees were housed in Jesus's backside! No doubt by the end of the year there was honey dripping out his feet. Sorry you have to blow up the pic to see bees.DSCN2027.JPG


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My garden now all them noisy engines have gone,
A few statistics
1 fully working steam driven saw bench
10 working engines
25 military vehicles
75 classic motorbikes
78 stationary engines
157 classic tractors
230 classic cars
Plus loads of trade stands
Beer tent real ale £3.50 a pint
60s singer Saturday night
And last one I’ve walked 56 miles since Wednesday lunchtime around a field
who wants to arrange a meet here next year