Post a picture of your motorhome.


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Hi all. Well been watching the threa motorhome buddy. And I thought. How about pictures of your motorhome with brief description of motorhome. Fors and against and why you like it. That way others can find different motorhomes and bits of info. About them. Cheers all. Love reading all the threads. Brian/jenny


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47435well it's our pride and joy, 1997,has beds and bog, plus cooker. I suppose many things could be better, but it has all that we need. Like Sue and I bits are beginning to fail, but it's a grand old bus and we love it.
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Lots of nice motorhomes, but what about the OPs question ...."... with brief description of motorhome. Fors and against and why you like it"?


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A89923BC-3F1F-48B1-B4B0-49C0DD3CF9D2.jpegCouldn’t find a more recent one, this is us on the aire at St. Martin de Re on Il de Re last summer.........
Probably the best layout we’ve had in our long list of vans including Hymers and Chausson. Certainly as well put together as modern Hymers, it suits us and I doubt we’ll change again unless we downsize. Plenty of payload, drives nicely and not so large that we can’t get to the places we want.


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Our van is pictured on post #7, a Hymer Mli 570. Ideal size for us (6.75 long by 2.1m wide) - built on a Mercedes chassis with rear wheel drive so less problems of wheel slip on wet grass than with front wheel drive. Somewhat narrower than the standard A class vans so much easier driving on the single track roads up here in N Scotland. 15 months old, 10000 miles and not a single problem - really good build quality, IMHO better quality than the Mercedes based Frankia we had previously.

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POST 5 our hymer van572 Transit 2*2
We were looking sorry I was looking for a bigger van for 18 months then the wife told me she would like a smaller van so she could scoot away with the grandkids if I was working ,we looked for ages , we came accross this van and we hated the wardrobe behind the drivers seat ,we agreed to buy as long as I removed the said wardrobe,duly done and made a cardboard unit up and toddled of to France to try it out,great success now to install original wardrobe reduced to our template.
Two single beds are the best I’ve slept on ,get a better sleep than in the house bed.
First thing I did was turn the van into Fort Knox,locks,Fiamma garage locks ,wheel lock,front doors have a strap from one door to other ,old altered.
36 to the gallon in France albeit great weather,
Good garage and great to drive ,the wife loves driving it also😖
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Here's Larry, we like him because I built him to suit our rather unusual needs...

Let me know if you would like me to dig out the build thread :)
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Grrr... enforced customising... do I need to advise my insurance its now modified?
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