Weather Report..................


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Wonderful winter day. Belated breakfast on the upper terrace, an hour of light wedding, coffee on the mezzanine.
Windless, 20 degrees in the shade. Salad lunch outdoors., washed down with accidental cider.. ½ a carton of apple juice that had blown up in the fridge.
Being Yorkshire...

I just HAD to try it , before pouring it away.


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Morning All,
Business as usual here today. 8 degrees at dawn, 16 in the shade now. Perfect blue skies, no breeze.
We're told things unlikely to change,this week .
Got to get those flower beds weeded before the ground dries out.
Stripping off and hoping nobody interrupts us.
By 11.00 it'll be too hot to work outside.
Now, where did I put that smug filter ?

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The sky is blue, it was about 17°C at 1000, the air is still, it's very hot right now in the sunshine - and I have a Chinese copy of Paul's smug filter. Not working too well, is it?
And the fish are very close to the beach this morning:

WP_20181203_10_56_51_Pro (2).jpg

Colin 😊😊😊


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End of a perfect day or 3
The world seemed to have forgotten about us . No visitors, nobody asking us to go anywhere . No reason to get dressed .

I close my eyes and see piles of weeds and the reconstructed rockeries and rills .
Had to put clothes on by 3pm and heating on at 5, turned off now . Mild night , Cicadas singing optimistic love songs .

Alas we have to amble into the village tomorrow, first time for a fortnight .. things to do, people to see .