Weather Report..................

Just been outside and it’s windy cold...but a clear sky

Very windy here too, Woo.

Noise woke me up, once that happens I'm done for!
Up and about now, bitting & bobbing with odd jobs.

Time for another coffee...

Looks like there's a few of us early birders this morning. 'Tis a proper howler outside just now :)

Noticed Annie's been awake a while planning her next route and asking about the White Horse at Kilburn on the dark side...

It`s not helping having a neighbour with a car port that has the plastic corrugated panels on the roof and at least half of them are loose :mad:

Doesn`t bother him and says he could sleep through anything.

Waz all the noise about?
Windy and raining - well tis the weekend :unsure:

Off now to see if Tesco is still in one piece :eek:

Last time we had winds like this they had some debris go straight through one of the big plate glass windows o_O

Still, calm, overcast. No rain forecast for a week.
We have 2 vanloads of Diesel Gipsies coming for coffee soon ..
If that doesn't bring a downpour... Nothing will.


Rally Organiser
In Milnrow Lancashire, just been out for second walk with Roxy she is not amused (Lightweight), raining, howling winds which as been going on since yesterday very darkish grey what its got planned for later only time will tell

Strong breeze, dry, and Mr Sunshine is coming out to play ...........................:)

yep...pretty much same here....howler of a strewn with chairs,etc. sun trying to show its face....probably manage it well after it did yesterday....hoping to get down to the shop need the sun

Been to the sheep shearer this morning and lugs felt the cold after, but still a lot milder than of late.

Lovely sunshine. Wind strong enough to rip car doors off :)

Very windy here but the sun is shining..pity about the wind it would have been a good day! That wind is bitingly cold 🥶

Here in Taurito, Canary Islands we had a calm, warm night so slept with the patio doors open and the sound of the sea lapping on the shore as our lullaby.
Today the air temperature is 23°C though the sea breeze, I guess in sympathy with the weather in the UK, has increased to about 1.8 kph.
So with the windchill it feels like 22.7°C.

Colin 😊😊😊

A lovely end to the day 400km west of the Sahara Desert:


Colin 😊😊😊

Fill your boots, Colin.
I'll have a rest on the smugness production.... Until you get back to Blighty, Anyroadup.
The motorhomers came, alas the rain didn't.
Cool, clear, mild night. The Crickets are serenading us.

Well at least the wind has dropped slightly and another clear sky still chilly though