Weather Report..................


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Colin ?
I reckon his smug filter is completely blocked and nothing can get through it ?
Its been cold and grey here. Heating on at 3 pm.
We hope that it will harden us up for our flights to Newcastle...

We won't need to take coats .. Maybe ?


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Where's today's report from our Gran Canaria correspondent :unsure:
He dipped his toe in the balmy seas & a stray shark made away with him? :unsure: :LOL:

No, wait - it would have spat him out cos the smug filter is totally clogged... :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:o_O

I'd bring a coat to Newcastle, Paul, unless you're planning on going down the Bigg Market with the lasses at the weekend ;) :)

Lovely day here yesterday, made a good start tidying up the greenhouse, cleaning & re-potting numerous plants, was nice & mild.
Rained overnight, but sun is peeping out between the clouds so maybe a repeat of yesterday.