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Sitting outside on the upper terrace, 90% moon overhead 25 balmy degrees. Chopin piano concerto gently gracing the velvet evening. .
I take her hand, give here a smoldering look and ask...
" 50 years and 1 month ago,... Did you ever dream that, after we were married, you would one evening, 50 years later, you'd be sitting on an Iberian hillside, in the most romantic circumstances, holding hands with a sleek, bronzed love god..? "...
". Oh, lovely, " she said.. " is that what you've arranged for tomorrow... Do I know him..? ".


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Slightly more light cloud here in Brittany, but still looking very promising
Sun not broken through as yet but feels as warm as yesterday
I think today is going to be light cloud and maybe a little sun if we are lucky
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It was so cold, at 7.30, pm, while dining out on the mezzanine terrace.. We all had to put long sleeves on.. The temperature had plummeted from 31, to 24.. Brrrr !
Northerly winds will bring temperatures down to 14 by dawn, they say.. Bliss !
Just been to water round, found a p green 5" chameleon, floating in th watering can.. He's alive but sluggish..
Blowing 35 mph gusts and it's clouded over.
Do we put the patio furniture away.. If we do, it won't rain... If we don't, a little rain would be most welcome.