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We set off from Sully in the rain this morning but it soon abated and we had an interesting drive along deserted roads.
We saw mostly cereal crops with just one decidedly different field:

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I'm not sure if these cultivated poppies are for consumption of the seeds or for extraction of medicinal drugs - but they are as beautiful as any poppy:

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With yet more poppies, this time of the wild variety:

Colin ???
Guess that's where some of the poppy seeds come from that you buy in the bakery section for using in cakes, bread etc. :)

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There was patchy blue aloft this morning at Puy-de-Dôme, though 500 metres above us the peak was covered in cloud. We took a chance and went to the top where the view was a trifle restricted:


So I waited for a break in the cloud and sent the stealth drone up to get a better view of the volcanic cones:


There are lots of sub-Alpine flowers on the Puy, such as the Mountain Pansy or Mountain Violet:


.....and Mountain Bluet:


The drive southwards through the volcanic cones of the Auvergne was lovely with the rain that was forecast thankfully not putting in an appearance.
During a stroll around Lac Pavin (a perfectly circular lake in the cone of a volcano) we even got the odd patch of blue returning:


Colin ???


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If they're right we're due a hammering on Wednesday here oop norf (east).

Said 60mm in south & south east today/tomorrow which is a month's worth of rain in one go.
80mm of rain forecast for us Wednesday and it is going to hang around too as very slow moving. Eek!
Guess there might be some flooding.

Hope they've got it wrong...