Weather Report..................


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Dare not deploy the parasol.
Without any warning, sudden gusts of wind arrive from different directions.
Looks like that's the course of events today.
A good day for sitting inside, in the cool shade.
Supposed to be dining outside at the pensioners treat, tonight.... Hope the wind doesn't blow my chips off my plate.

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Yesterday we wild camped high above the Lac du Barrage de Grandval and awoke to a dry but grey sky just outside the Moho door:


Then down to the water's edge by Chateau d'Alleuze where the sky was still grey:

IMG_20190611_092120.jpg we pressed on to the eastern end of the lake where Monsieur Eiffel built his beautiful wrought iron Viaduct de Garabit in the 1880's. And it carries trains to this day:


.....but still it was grey and dry.
The Tarn Gorge is a place I've wanted to visit for some time so we headed south and along the gorge to our wildcamp by the river's edge:

IMG_20190611_172808.jpg which time the sky was a much lighter shade of grey in anticipation of the sunshine forecast for today.

Colin 🙂🙂🙂
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Hmmmm not good ..probably the same all over uk.........fair bit of rain overnight.......wind dropped........mighty cold....damp..may get more rain....not had the torrential stuff yet.......just darn right miserable....could well do without this weatherl
dont want it as hot as last year.....however....this stuff is just not on............getting fed up of filling ..ot watter bockle. getting me thermals out today.


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Fresh, warm, busy day.
The Child Bride felt better after a hairdo and pedicure.
While she was busy, The Undermanager drove us up the N2 to Fonte Ferrea National Park, about 5 miles north of Sâo Bràs.
Beautiful place, and would be an ideal overnight stop, if were were interested in that kind of thing.
Delightful lunch in the small bar / cafe.