Weather Report..................


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No rain today, but the utility roof still won’t get done ... the chap supposed to be doing it lives in a converted library bus. With all yesterday’s rain, he now knows where the leaks are and has to deal with them!☹
Got the washing machine repair man this morning. And blinds to hang. And paint touching up somewhere visitors to the house bash their suitcases against the walls. All these maintenance jobs ... can’t wait to get back on the road.


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Pleasant Jet2 flights.. Ooh, they are a nice airline..!
Village taxi waiting for us
A supermarket sweep around Lidl,
Back home for
We'd put the Hovel to sleep, expecting to be away for at least 2 months, so had some shifting to do .
The water pump played up, an airlock.. By the time I'd cleared it, I was soaked.
Pizza in the oven, wine opened, dined on the terrace, 26 degrees,
Brandy at midnight, slept until 10.
29 breezy degrees. Broken light cloud.
A dozen pomegranates ripening, a crop of olives just needing some rain to fill them out.
Most plants have survived.
Mustn't grumble.


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Just taking it easy, topping up y our personal solar batteries.
Lovely, still dusk..
Dinner on the upper terrace.
27 degrees.
I've had worse.. And still got a half bottle of Paço do Bispo red, ( Lidl ), to enjoy