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It's dry and overcast at the C&CC site, Norwich, and about 12°C with still air.
Today it's a wander around Norwich taking in the Castle, Cathedral, market (here's hoping that the pea soup stall is serving!) - and, of course, shops.
Rain showers are forecast later today but the second half of this week is predicted to be very pleasant indeed.

Colin ???

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The weather hasn't been great in Norfolk today. We've had very light showers and spots of rain falling since mid morning and this evening the weather isn't really improving.
On a positive note, Norwich was a real treat to wander around. The Castle is stunning. The Cathedral is amazing. The RAF marching band and troops were impressive (it's been a while since I saw bayonets fixed in public!) as they commemorated the Battle of Britain.
Oh, and the Norfolk mushy peas (with mint sauce, which thickens the peas to a pudding consistency as if by magic) were sublime.
And I'm told that the shopping in Jarrolds was most enjoyable.
Rain? What rain?

Colin 🙂🙂🙂
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Colin I love mint sauce with mushy peas 😋 anyway the weather was lovely again today sunshine slight breeze thought it was going to rain earlier this morning but didn’t and then after dinner it put in cold