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Ferry on Saturday afternoon, then Cologne, down the Rhine for a week into France and return. My last ever long trip in the van............
.................until after retirement, whoop eee!
Bit of a panic to rebuild battery box before hand. Had a short break with Nabs and Charlie to check battery state using just the one. If I only get a little solar, I’ll HAVE to move every couple of days, with the second one in I’m pretty confident that I’ll be okay for three or four days..
Tbh, it’s a job I should have done months ago. The battery box was built for an 85ah battery, putting two 125’s in there has caused the floor to collapse . Almost had to smear Vaseline on everything to get it to fit. I’ve got a few days, to sort it out, if I skive off work. Only kidding, it’s my long weekend. I’ve been accumulating bits and pieces for a while so it’s mainly an assembly job.
Still no word on the spray job. Given that idea up until after the road trip. There be plenty of time while I’m waiting for my retirement to come around. Did I mention I was retiring? ?


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Hopefully Van will be back from garage and then some work on her in between working full weekend days at work !
On 30th off for a jaunt to the Far North


Off to Blackpool by car for a birthday celebration. The van is still away awaiting Truma heater parts. Hopefully sorted next week.


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Next week heading down to the Eden Project (see if we can use the complimentary tickets they gave us years ago), up to Bude, RHS Rosemoor and back via Avebury Ring, six nights in all.

jim and pat dalton

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All options considered and the decision is now taken (now that ive finally sorted myself out and learnt how to read a calendar) :)

Its going to be the Lanacaster Jazz festival from today-thru to Sunday with lots of free acts to watch in Sun square daytimes. Plus headline acts in the evening at the brewery.

So we just spoke to Jeff and we are popping up to the Dalton Arms (in exchange for lots of beer tokens) after I finish work in the morning to spend the whole weekend up there.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend wherever you are, the Sun is going to shine, so get yourselves out there!

Would never have discovered the Dalton Arms if it wasn't for wildcamping and motorhomer, looking forward to going back!

Jim and Pat