What are you doing this weekend?

The laird

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The mrs is working so she said I should go away👍 Thought I’d go to a meet but alas nought on 😢 so might just shoot somewhere on me todddddd😀


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We were going to go to Wales, but things have got in the way:oops:


Soaking up the sun on Veterans Day 😀
El Paseo in Palm Desert bedecked with flags and ready.



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Sunday with the grand kids b4 escaping to Spain.

Christmas cards written yday!!!



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Malvern 3 counties show ground for the military fair Saturday but will go up Friday night and stay at the Upton on seven coach park and wander around the pubs. Stayed last year and saw a great band in their social club and cheap beer. If I don't buy anything to extravagant at thr sale will find somewhere for Saturday night. May even go back to Upton.


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Going to brother in law's for paella on Saturday so taking the van to sleep/pass out .....

ken sowerby

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Enjoying a few beers near La Cala de Mijas, and also looking for the sun, did hope to get my knees brown but looks like I will have be a joskin for the next couple of days, high winds and heavy rain for the next couple of days, so wet inside and wet outside but at least it's Warm.


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So are we. Knackered both knees and a hip last week, so I’m the sorry looking old bloke wobbling about with a stick!
Nah, that’s meduck:)

You need to give more of a clue although I feel sorry looking after completing a full lap of the lake on my hand cycle this afternoon :)


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Well if you are t Hollingworth I am the one still wearing shorts haha

Pudsey Bear

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Finalising the packing ready for the house move on Thursday :( :(


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Waiting for granddaughters to arrive :eek:

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