What are you doing this weekend?


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Picking big sis, who shall be obeyed, up from Malaga airport to join us in estepona!!!!


Sounds interesting but does every app have a back end and will yours be bigger or smaller than others.
Also Jenny wants to know whether yours will have a builder's bum.


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Moving out #1 Son to Milton Keynes, so Daughter # 1 can move in with our # 2 of 2 Granddaughter. One out, two in.


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Enjoying a few beers near La Cala de Mijas, and also looking for the sun, did hope to get my knees brown but looks like I will have be a joskin for the next couple of days, high winds and heavy rain for the next couple of days, so wet inside and wet outside but at least it's Warm.
Hi Ken Are you on the big Aire car park and the Irish bar for drinks, spent a few hours ourselves there. G


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Picking my daughter & son in law up from Malaga airport to join us in Estepona.


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Leannach Aberfoyle, Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom, FK8 3SY it’s a forestry road with a few parking spots. But if I were you I’d visit loch catrine with its aire has facilities water and dump https://www.lochkatrine.com/ good base for exploring that area or three lochs forest drive think these are on the poi’s and this place I’ve personally not stayed there but have heard lots of good stuff think you have too book it well in advance http://www.thecabinatlochlubnaig.co.uk/ there’s load of parking in and around that area enjoy

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