What are you doing this weekend?


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Today I am busy sorting out all clothes etc that i will need to take for what is now gonna be a 3 week trip.
This trip requires a larger than normal variety of clothing since i have my parents platinum (70 years) wedding anniversary do, 2 formal meetings and 2 meets.
Trying to make sure i dont forget anything is fryng my brain !!


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This weekend we are going to Lorraine's sister 60th Birthday party . Looks like the van wont be used until the Christmas meet as we are now busy all the weekends before then

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Think I will be on grandparent duty to help my daughter out as the mrs is night shift all weekend till Tuesday


We're off to Greywell to meet up with friends and go to a Christmas fair in Hook on Saturday.
Hopefully it won't be to cold.


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Off to Hull after work on Thursday, dogs get haircut for half the cost of Buxton plus I get free labour and want a couple of jobs doing :)

Oh yes and we visit relations :)


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Just finished having levelling system fitted by Mick and gang at SAP. Quick calibration and checkover by Mick tomorrow morning then off for the 360 mile trip home. Must be back by Sunday night as grandchild sitting Monday. Came down east coast but probably back up west coast stopping off near Moffat overnight.
Had super couple of days in York while SAP were working their magic on the van - what a lovely city, especially at this time of year.

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My good lady is going to a art exhibition with her sisters and parents,I’m shopping as she is night shift ,going to fire up van hoover out ,start heating and fill levels and supplies ,going to take some rubbish to tip
Fill genie with fuel and petrol additive and run it for a while .

Oh and grandparent duties I think


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Having immediately removed our carpet when we bought the van (it's a fawn colour and perfect for showing every mark) we spent the summer without one because it's easier to clean.

£5 in the charity box got me an offcut suitable for replacing it three times over.

So this weekend I'm cutting and fitting winter carpeting, either side of grandparent duties.


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I think a lot of enjoy fettling in our vans.

Sometimes I invent a task when we're not away, just for the pleasure of "testing stuff" and sitting in it.

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