What did you do to your van today?


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I have been putting it off since I bought the van in November but today decided that the towbar just HAD to come off. I will never tow with the van and have no intention of adding a bike rack, so... Off it came!
Was not a bad job and the bolts and nuts all unscrewed easily. I have left the 7 pin connector still wired up and tucked away behind the bumper for now. I might keep the towbar as it might be of interest to a prospective buyer at some point in the future? But I might offer it for sale on the bay...
The whole lot came to around 32kg which is a useful addition to my available payload.

So, what did YOU do to your van today?

K ;)


I eventually fitted the domestic water tank overflow - simple job, but one of those that kept getting put off :rolleyes:
Oh yeah, and took it for a trip to N Somerset, to test it.


I looked at Birdie longingly this morning... does that count? :giggle:
Tomorrow or Friday I'm going to try driving her for the first time since my spine op. Fingers crossed pretty please...


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Took it to the van doctor for a new drive shaft oil seal. Expensive last couple of weeks . Both drive shafts replaced plus new main battery. Ouch! Still need another solar panel & fridge. They can wait a bit longer. Looking forward to Hereford. :)
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Just the usual open the door to let it air for a few hours. However I did realise that I was not carrying a copy of the Spanish bail bond supplied in my insurance company, so downloaded the relevant pages, printed, laminated and put with the other documents.



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fixed the gas tank gauge that stopped working, then gave it a good clean outside and inside as it was rather dirty after our six week tour


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I took out those silly slatted things under the side where I sleep and replaced them with a hinged lift up platform thingy to make it easier to get stuff in and out, Sue's side is fine, we only keep emergency stuff under her.

If the towbar is up for grabs, I would be very much interested, what 'van chassis is it off?


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Checked all OK inside van, and sat down just enjoying the feel of being inside it.

Extended our list of places to visit, with the nearest local pubs, and potential places to park.


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