What did you do to your van today?


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Fitted new gas struts to the drop down bed in the Hymer, they cost £70 for two from SGS in Derby and easy to fit, the originals were 19yrs old and we struggled to lift the bed up, I could probably lift it up with Maggy still in it now :LOL:

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Today I fitted a home made holder for my DJI Osmo Pocket so that I can film stabilised video through the windscreen when travelling. I'll let you know if it works!


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Realised today that having removed the towbar, I now need to fit a reinforcing bar... Anyone have one for a 2010 model? Or does anyone know if the 2014 on bars fit?

Let me know




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Put all the stuff back after a total re-upholster by the lovely Sharon amd Paul from Crystal Upholstery @ Chesterfield - they came all the way down to ours (Staffs), stripped it out, did the deed then put it all back, including some very tricky craftsmanship around the cab access. Lovely, lovely job and a very reasonable cost!

Fotos and contact details to follow . . .


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Released some pressure from the adjustable gas strut on the boot lid. It now goes up smoothly and doesn't look like it is twisting the boot lid off when I close it.

K ;)


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Changed gas jet and burner on the fridge.
It first started smelling last summer, I thought it was just the wind causing the problem. It started again very strong down here in Portugal.
Managed to locate new parts at Camperserv at Loulé off the N125.
Straightforward job and managed to scrape some soot out at the same time.
Job’s a good ‘un no smells and the fridge working really well.


Yesterday, cleaned the inside and turned the fridge on. Today, filling the water tank, loading clothes and food then heading south to wards Spain around midday.
Ditto to most of your post except the last bit... I'll be heading north towards Scotland tomorrow morning! :D
In truth I've still got a teensy bit more cleaning to do but nearly done... then comes the loading.