What made you smile today.

Granddaughter and Misty best friends...only because she’s getting a treat for her!


That's what I find Gordon, when it's a good one that makes your eyes water.o_O:LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO:

The laird

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So is a bad one ,like what happened to phil when he shart himself in the traffic in the van in the shirt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I had to smile at Phil's post about the unicorn, do you think he maybe watching to much YouTube?


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Doing long division sums homework with lottie while she is poorly so not at school.... I was smiling , not sure she was!

bought something ive wanted for a while now...............got it at half the price........yep im smiling

Somehow she managed to get out of her harness in the car coming home so we stopped and tied her in again! Should have called her Houdini, she was busy looking out over Malcolm’s shoulder!


Sign outside coffee shop for Beetroot latte!!!!! What’s that all about? Or something lost in Spanish English translation!!!!

Whirlwind (Lana) granddaughter in the nativity play and they all did brilliant! She was one of the angels!!:unsure:;)

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