What made you smile today.


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1 year ago today my wife had a bleed on the brain after the surgery which was done by by inserting an instrument in an artery in her groin the surgeon placed 3 coils in her brain to stop the bleed the also found that she had suffered a stroke about 18 months ago that we did not know about then 6 months later had a parathyroid removal due to over calcium production which was probably the cause of all her problems and we are going back to motorhoming in the new year with a 3 month trip down to spain . What made me smile shes stil here


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So I get home this morning and my dog is laying on my porch covered in dirt and mud and has a rabbit in his mouth. He's not bloody, just dirty.
Now, my neighbors raised these rabbits for 4H and have blue ribbon winners. I instantly knew it was one of theirs. So I get the rabbit away from my dog, I take it inside, wash all the dirt off and before my neighbors got home I took it over, put him back in the cage and went back home.
Not 30 minutes later I hear my neighbors screaming, so I go out and ask them what's wrong?
They tell me their rabbit died three days ago and they buried it but now it's back in the cage.


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Bean panting all day decorating in preparation for Christmas when my for year old grandson comes in would not have bother grandad.
why mate when that fat xxxxxx Santa come down the chimney heel put soot all over the house that's what happen last year at our house remember
they had a chimney fire and soot fall that fat bxxx blamed Santa Frome the mouths of babes


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Watching prime ministers questions and seeing Corbyn mouthing ‘stupid woman’.
What was even more amusing was Corbyn then denying saying ‘stupid woman’ stating he said ‘stupid people’ what a joke. It’s obvious what he said.
He’s now made a statement to the house, he’s got away with it.

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Took the grandson in to see his wee sister in the sick kids hospital yesterday ,the Hearts football team were there to see the not well kiddies and the kids faces were all brightened by the visit here’s a pic of our Harry with them
Trouble here is/wasim a Hibs supporter and they wouldn’t sing sunshine on leith for me?

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