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Ok is Christmas shopping classed as essential shopping you know the tins of Quality street and special biscuits and bottles of wine and Advocaat because that’s what I plan to do today to break the boredom.
And if you forget yourself and eat/ drink it all while in lockdown, there is still time to replace it 😂 ,
One of my sons does this every year, buys early edible gifts...eats them all and buys more!


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Morning all,
Come on then Annie, what did you buy (and how many have you eaten)? :)
4 x tins of Christmas sweets
4 x tins of luxury biscuits
8 x selection boxes
6 x nets of various Christmas nuts
2 x advent calendars
6 x bottles of Lidl Chilean merlot
4 x bottles of Lidl french Merlot
3 x bottles of Advocaat
1 x bottle J B Bourbon
1 x Gin drink and glass boxed gift
1 tin of cheese biscuits

Farm shop paid and ordered
1 x medium turkey
1 x meat freezer pack various
1 x stand pie
1 x pack of various cooked meats.

none eaten yet😂
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Done a shop at Tesco, dealer called me and motorhome is ready to collect after 2 minor warranty repairs carried out so fingers crossed I can get away 2nd December.
A long standing shooting friend also called inviting me out for a goose shoot as a farmer friend called him as geese are hammering his crops every evening. So hopefully I can stock the freezer up for Xmas.