Weather Report..................

Did you give that smug filter away, if so do you want me to get one and bring it around, when it gets a bit cooler later.☺😄😉
Thanks for the heads up Lee.
Yes there was a small hole in the smugfilter . The bacon crumbs bit must have leaked through..
Should be working fine, now.

I'm bringing the outdoor kitchen out of winter hibernation.
Weve just sat out until 9pm at Silves, sorry Paul a beautiful evening.
Perhaps it might rain tomorrow 🤔
Your wish has come true, Lee; sadly for us, though, it's been granted in Fife, where it's monsoon season minus the humidity. 5 degrees minus the wind chill factor in heavy rain, getting heavier throughout the day as the temperature soars to 8 degrees (n) Too misty to see what it's like on Gordon's side of the Forth, but yesterday's snow on the hills suggests it's a wee bit cooler