What did you do to your van today?

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Not long ago, I stripped off and got in the shower, grrrrrrr no water, hot or cold, so hot dressed and checked pump fuse. It was ok, knew not micro switch as all three taps not working
Found a pipe had come off under the floor, luckily any water would be in the under floor water tank insulation, so no water damage
Reconnected and now waiting for boiler to warm water, so sipping a glass of ?
Just had a shower and all ok
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Added a couple of USB charging points as everything seems to need charging at the same time...
2 sleeps left...
K ;)



Stuck new centre caps on my alloy wheels.View attachment 49175
Ooh, there's posh! (y)
I'd soooo love alloys on mine... takes pride of place on my probably-never-gonna-happen-but-I-can-dream wishlist :cry:

This morning I emptied Birdie after 4 lovely weeks away at meets and festivals and have been feeding the washing machine ever since! I've got until the 9th to get her - and me - ready for the next adventure... Autumn in Europe :cool:


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Murky’s mot is due soon, so did the annual bottom inspection last week and found a naughty power steering pipe leaking. Today Anita machined me a bend mandrel, as Mercedes only supply them unbent. So this afternoon I removed said leaking pipe to use as a pattern to make a new one. It doesn’t quite take the original route but it did fit. The old pipe split on the side of a bend, I was expecting corrosion to be the culprit. Just have the brake inspection to do now.


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We packed Val the Van (previous van was Mr K2) ready to head off for the West Country tomorrow for 3 weeks - can’t wait. Wetsuit and body board packed...


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Fitted a new Split-Charge solution to Clarence ready for the VW Busfest and Southern Roadtrip :)

The CTEK D250SA + Smartpass is £600 for a 20A Smart Charger + 100A Relay which is a bit pricey so I went for my Homebrew "HR30/120" system instead ....
30A Smart B2B Charger + 120A Victron Cyrix-CT Battery Combiner with auto-switching based on Battery State of Charge :geek:


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I weighed my van a few weeks ago and found that my front axle with full fuel & water tanks and mich of our usual load but no people-dog was 1660 kg against plate of 1850. So with us that would be over 1900 add in some bedding in the luton and clothes etc pretty well guaranteed to be over.
So today I had Dave Newell put in heavy duty springs which should take the plate up to 2000kg. He insists on new dampers and upper spring seats which is probably sound advice but does push the price up quite a bit - but we do now have a new front end and many years of life there.
Van sits a bit higher I think but i forgot to measure it!
Ride quality/noise s hard to judge because so far I've been on some choppy local roads in Irongorge.

My rear axle was only 40kg under plate and I'd got no booze or food etc on board - so I'm going to AS on Friday for air assist on rear axle such should add another 250kg of capacity and raise rear rude to match the front.

A lot if cash but if we go to Switzerland then we shouldn't get stopped and told to dump most of our gear!