What did you do to your van today?


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Finished a couple of days clean up inside and out, and my mobile caravan man hard wired (with a switch) the tv.

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Been for MOT. Failed,......slight leak on rear shock absorber ( OK when changed springs a fortnight ago ) and monitor rear inner brake pads.
Returned home ordered parts, replaced shockers cleaned and striped rear brakes repacked rear pads. Returned to garage parts checked now passed MOT.
Returned home closed gates went to lock van noticed a nickel wood screw-in front offside tyre, wheel removed with difficulty wood block and lump hammer required off to tyre dept tyre repaired wheel and hub cleaned and copper slipped.refitted OK.
Checked front near side wheel came off OK so cleaned wheel and hub copper slipped refitted.
Now for lunch.



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Terry seen a Russian guy working wae copper last year he tried to show me how to solder joints and do seams i must have ruined 200 quids worth of material before I gave up and offered him a job. Yet I can work with lead at lower temperatures. We’re now using very expensive hairdryers well that’s what I call them to lay single ply sarna pvc roofing .My insurance this year is £3800 extra to use a burner or naked flame so I’m gonna give up on old fashioned felt roofing and buy a few more hairdryers if it all goes tits up I’ll open a hairdressers.
Late reply, I assume ruskie was soft lodering copper using a electric industrial bolt?

I use to see apprentice roofers holding copper together using the likes of knocked up joints, not hot worked.

I've tig welded a fair bit of copper, nice to weld, but a mare with copper being a good conductor of heat. Copper fume is a killer, though!


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Sold it, and bought an A class Pilote as a replacement! Our first Moho was an old Pilote on a Talbot chassis, with a bed made up from the seats, followed by a Rapido with a fixed French bed, and now back to a Pilote, with a proper double bed in the middle of the back!!!


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Bought & tried out an Avtex STH3000 tv Ariel. Stuck it near a window not pointing in any particular direction, turned the power on in the tv setup so didn’t have to use an additional power source for the Ariel, auto tuned the Avtex tv and got 80 + channels !
well impressed, will come in handy if I head to the lakes next week as I reckon I won’t have the satellite up as it would blew away if the winds are as bad as expected !

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Finished off my heating reroute into my wardrobe mod,fitted shoe racks in wardrobe and finally coat hangers only four .then removed a few items I hated on the end cabinet wall
very very happy now with the in our opinion mods carried out
headboards ,infill for beds are now to get reupholstered in same as the rest of seating
after that the new infill carpets to be made
when the weather is warmer I have all new hymer mouldings to fit in body work lower ,also awning fiamma clips to install
then it will bea it tidy up of body work
all service kit waiting as are new pads/discs etc all round. Phew