What made you smile today.

Saw this and I thought it was so true FC03ABA5-1303-497B-B910-7A1F61A87EBA.png

Seeing a photo of my granddaughter and grandson g/daughter is just 10 but already 5’ 2” also my grandson who’s 3...haha

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watching andre riue and his orchestra on tv, tonight............just wish it had been on a bit later to lead into midnight.........
tv has been absolute crap over the festive season.........so YES HE BROUGHT A BIG SMILE
oh oh oh....its just been announced he wil be on till midnight ...thats if ive heard correctly................only thing thats been worth watching...........HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL

Today's combination of sky and stones made me smile:

WP_20190110_09_11_43_Pro (2).jpg

Colin 😊😊😊


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Bumping into my son and 2 grandchildren in Aldi. When youngest came up to me and said 'hello grandma' with a big hug.....

The dinner options were somewhat limited this evening:

WP_20190117_17_54_04_Pro (3).jpg

I'm not too sure if I smiled or not.

Colin 😊😊😊

I can only assume Annie was cooking, can I guess Herrings!!!:LOL:
That would be a real treat, Lee.
I'm currently at one of the offspring's home in Cornwall. It wasn't a problem - my sprogs are fortunately all very able in the kitchen. The sign was put in place for my attention!
Every dog has it's day.
My day is hopefully imminent.

Colin 😊😊😊