Who's Awake

morning it al over thank goodness just goin g shopping wellwide ake and it dark not a lot about yehh

ah there you are hippy.....pleased to see you have surfaced...............

morning everyone.......not many of youaround for the past few days..........prhaps got other things to do.......i came downstairs this morning to empty house.........cars are still ere, so must have popped into neighbours..........
all have a jolly good day

o sue...no duvet day.........been sleeping too much...hope to get out for an hour or so today..........may start the washing machine again today......
is it duvet day for you then sue...........

Just waiting for daughter and son in law to come with the g/kids! :oops:

lol no duvet day for you then jeanette............enjoy
No duvet day for us trixie as well as daughter and son in law and granddaughter and grandson son came to see us with grandkids (3 one was a stepgrandson! So that’s 5 g/kids and 6 adults plus the mad pup...haha

Morning campers (just) we’re having a lazy day today (up until now)! unless we get company even Misty is relaxing for now seeing as she’s been playing all morning trying to fight the hoover! :rolleyes:

Ours thinks his mission in life is to kill the vac.:)
Sue it’s either the hoover or any kind of cloth you have in your hand! I have to hoover nearly every day as she’s loosing her teeth and I can never see them so if I hoover they get picked up...haha and the fireworks are starting already,but so far misty is just listening to them,

good morning and a happy new year to all and yes it is stupid o'clock just gone

Afternoon hippy and a Happy New Year to you
Up but feed up so may go back to bed and sleep to the big fireball lights the sky up later on,then out to garden to do some work.

The laird

Rally Organiser
EFT home at 03*00 am ~7 degs in Middlesbrough got my load damp but not cold heading back north around 08*30 up the A 1
Afternoon and it’s really cold here today but dry and Lana and Malcolm have taken misty for a walk so kettle is on ready for them coming back to get them warmed through!!

Morning one all it early doors here. Good news for those who havent seen it a mot pass ahappy person good start to the new year and have had two lottery wins as well so thing looking up at moment just need to sort out medical problem.Not driving any distance at moment hopefully that will be sorted shortly. lokafter yourself happy new year to all ,